Real Estate Owners in Digital Outdoor Media

Advertising Images Inc. has been locally owned and operated in Wichita for over 35 years.  With a background in the advertising and ad specialty business, Advertising Images Digital Outdoor was born in 2007 with the introduction of the first Watchfire digital bulletin in the state of KS.

By 2009, we were on our way to becoming Kansas’ first independent Digital Outdoor Billboard Network. Like many businesses, we didn’t really find our niche; more like it found us. Our expertise in digital outdoor media originated by consumers requesting to efficiently purchase space on multiple digital Midwest billboards through one reliable organization. In time, our business evolved into successfully & exclusively managing LED units for various owners and organizations.

Buy Local

Much like ourselves in the beginning,  new and smaller operators entering the LED billboard business quickly realize there are many obstacles in attracting the larger, regional and national advertisers. Many quality clients seek to purchase larger networks of digital billboards for just one week;  the problem being it is very inefficient, and virtually impossible for an advertiser to work with multiple independent billboard companies for a short term campaign. Consequently, the smaller independents don’t get the attention of the larger regional and national outdoor budgets.

Advertising Images offers an efficient and seamless solution for current billboard owners looking to go digital, real estate owners looking to build a new LED, as well as land owners seeking to lease their property or easement for a new or existing billboard site. Whether you are an individual with just one unit, or a medium to larger operator with multiple billboard sites, we are here to help.

We offer power in numbers and provide a priceless service at a great value for billboard owners. By joining our alliance, the owner of just one LED billboard is able to compete with the big guys and capture clients and revenues that were previously out of reach and out of touch.

Our access and relationships have been years in the making, but now you can have overnight access and success by joining our independent network.