I-135 and 96 Hwy (South Face) Digital Billboard

I-135 and 96 Hwy (South Face)

1500 E. 37th St. North/I-135

14′ X 48′ dynamic display 

EOI (18+) 128,041

This LED unit captures motorists traveling north towards Newton, as well as commuters traveling to Hutchinson and merging from the K-96/I-235 interchange. I-135 is the busiest north/south thoroughfare in Wichita. This is the only south facing LED unit targeting north bound traffic on I-135 HWY in the City of Wichita.

Capture over 125,000 cars per day by advertising on both north and south faces of this double sided digital bulletin.

Latitude and Longitude

37.751705, -97.321700

Art Requirements:

416×1504 pixels – JPEG

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